コンサバティブでありながらも素材やディテールにラグジュアリーな質感とジャパン プロダクトによる細やかな気配りを込めた機能美をプラスすることで持つ人の個性を主張し使うほどに満足を与えることのできるブランドとして世界に向けて発信したいと考えています。

Being forced to face the severe cut throat price competition in the present market, are we missing something most important for creative activity?
Japanese tradition and culture fostered in the past is not being given consideration nowadays and production capacity is being reduced year by year in Japan.
On the other hand,high quality of Japan-made-products such as automobile and precise machine is well recognized in the world.
"vinterks"whitch we launched in 2003 A/W collection is the products made by our craftsmen having very high and fine technique pursuing the ultimate high quality in its every stages of the production. "vinterks"-conservative yet luxurious in its quality of the material used and details of the making applied with the beautiful function of the Japan made products deriving from the sensitive consideration of the Japanese craftsmanship.
We are proudly presenting our "vinterks" giving full satisfaction to the world.